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Visit our brand sites

Operational Management

“We produce, fill and package products that meet the high demands of our customers! The assurance that we deliver what we promised, just like the safety of our employees and machines is our top priority.”
(Dipl.-Ing. Johann Schnetzinger, Operations Manager)

The years of experience and our qualified personnel, combined with top modern machinery give you the safety you need in order to concentrate completely on the market development and the connected issues.

Permanent in-house and external investigations and tests certify our company’s microbiological and chemical reports at the highest level.
Our service offer includes, e.g.:

– Filling various containers: Tubes, pots, bottles and special containers in all common sizes

– Labeling bottles and pots

– Batches attachment to all containers

– Binding with single cartons, information leaflets and special accessories (e.g., spatulas)

– End-user packaging in the required variation (sets, shrink-wrap packaging, promotional packaging)